Lobster Hoop Netting

Lobster hoop netting can be a very fun and rewarding charter.

We offer two types of trips.

  • Local Inshore/harbor breakwalls

  • Catalina Island 


Our boat comes equipped with 10 Promar hoop nets and all of the necessary bait.  We've added a powered Pot Puller to our davit/pulley system to make pulling nets faster and easier.  

The California Spiny Lobster Season runs from early October thru mid-March.


You will need to bring warm clothing, CA Ocean Fishing License and Lobster Report Card (available at most tackle shops or sporting good stores)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can come on the boat? 

    • We take up to 4 people (4-Pack Charter)​

  • Is the cost per person?

    • No, the cost is for the entire boat.​

  • Do you do "Open Charters"?

    • Unfortunately, we do not offer "Open Charters"​.

  • Do we need to bring our own hoop nets?

    • No, we provide all of the gear/bait necessary​

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